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Create Obituaries

To create a new Obituary item, navigate in WordPress Dashboard to Obituaries > Add New.


The Add New Obituary page will show. Add the details for the Obituary.

  1. Title - The name of the Obituary.

  2. Editor container - You can add here text for description/information about the Obituary that will be shown in the website.

  3. Obituary options

    • Title
    • Client website
    • Birth date
    • Date of death
    • Share / Send Flowers links
  4. Obituary Categories

  5. Featured Image - Obituary’s picture that will be shown in the site.

After adding all the details, click on Publish button to save.

Delete Obituaries

To delete a Obituary, navigate your Dashboard to Obituaries > Obituaries

In the Obituaries page, you will see all the created Obituaries.

To delete a Obituary, you have two options:

  • Single Obituary Delete - Hover your mouse pointer on the Obituary that you would like to delete. You will see a Trash option pop-up. Click on Trash to delete.

  • Multiple Obituaries Delete - To delete multiple Obituaries, click on the box beside the Obituaries you would want to delete. Then click on the drop-down box for Bulk Actions and choose the Move to Trash option. Click on Apply button to delete.